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May Gallery Wall

This is my first gallery wall post. I hope you enjoy the art, and find some helpful tips for planning your own art arrangements

I've wanted to make a monthly gallery wall for awhile as a way to feature art that works well together, and share the stories behind these pieces. It's also super fun to play with different arrangements and framing. It can sometimes be difficult getting started, so I decided to pick a theme as a starting point.

For May, the theme is Dream.

I've combined three pieces of art that embody this idea and share a dreamy deep blue color scheme. I spaced the art 1.5" apart to let the framed pieces breathe. The accent plack Dream Big helps tie it together.

Featured pieces;

Lullaby Grove, ~Roots connect, nurture. Child of the forest do not forget your home. Listen, the trees are calling

From the series Of Roots and Wildness. It is

6"x8" acrylic mixed media on 1.5" deep birch wood panel. Acrylic paint and plastic bags found while hiking make up the bark of the trees.

The Blue Roses of Memory - It's said that blue roses hold memories. If one pauses to smell the sweet flower, their memory may be bound within the rose. In sharing of the pollen and nectar, in sharing of the roses, a memory may be passed on.

This is an original miniature acrylic painting. The painting is 3 ” x 2.5”, with the frame  it measures 4” x 5 1/2” The frame can sit on a table or hang on the wall.   The frame has been hand painted. It took me three different tries to find a color I was happy with for the roses. I settled on blue and rose gold with metallic accents. ://

Moon Owls, framed print

The full piece measures 3" 1/4" x 4" 1/4". It's ready to hang.

Dream Big plack from the Red Screen Door shop of Burlington, IA visit their shop to find one. Its 2" x7" 1/4"

The three art pieces are available in my shop, or as a bundle. The bundle will include a spacing plan to help you hang them easily and is available for $125. Email me about bundle availability at


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