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The Dreaming Tree, fairy tale art, whimsical tree, sunrise, enchanted forest
faerie paining of green woman and eggs, new contempoaray art, fairy art, popsurreal

Autumn Rozario Hall

Des Moines, IA 

United States

Welcome to Whispers of Autumn

Autumn Rozario Hall is an Iowa artist working within the new contemporary art movement. Her art explores themes of connection to nature, wonder in the ordinary, and transformation of self.

Having grown up surrounded by trees, fields, and prairie, I have a great love of the natural wild places. I believe that humans and nature should be beautifully entwined. Harmony, respect, and understanding are necessary for this bond.

My paintings explore the connection between nature and self. This is often expressed through folklore and faerie motifs. Faeries inhabit my paintings as representatives of the natural world. These nature spirits share the wonder and mystery I feel when walking through a twilight forest or prairie trail.

But I feel this wonder is often overlooked, lost in the tumble of a busy life and a cynical world.  I paint because I believe art can heal, and bring us closer to a greener life.


In her studio Autumn puts these beliefs into action. She uses dried flowers, leaves, insects, seed pods, and other bits of nature for reference. She also uses up-cycled papers, lace, insect wings, tissue paper, and found objects within her mixed media work to create layered paintings. She works with up-cycled panels, hand stretched canvas, wood panel, and coldpress watercolor paper.

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