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Autumn Rozario Hall-Artist Bio

"I help people re-connect with nature and their sense of wonder by creating art that inspires and uplifts."


Autumn grew up by the banks of the Mississippi river. And though she lived in town, she always sought the wild places, where the brambles overran the houses, and the gardens outgrew their yards. Hidden in back lots, choked with weeds, was a kind of magic. A magic of growing things.

Autumn Rozario Hall currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She is a recipient of a community art grant from the BeWild ReWild fund at Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. She is currently working on a series of art and workshops to help home gardeners start their own pollinator gardens. 

Her art has been shown in galleries across the country as well as closer to home in Iowa. Autumn enjoys being part of her local art community and is a member of the Urbandale Art Gallery  Committee.

Autumn Rozario Hall-Artist CV


2021    Wildness and Whimsy, solo show, Reimen Gardens, Ames, IA

2020    Of Roots and Wildness, solo show and seed starting workshop, Waukee IA

2020    Birds of Paradise, Gristle Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2020    Limited Space- drive through edition, Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA

2020    Limited Space, Des Moines, Iowa City, Ames

2020    Victory Gardens, The Brushwood Center, Ill

2019    Moments of Wonder, solo show, Charles City Arts Center, Charles City, IA

2019    Prairie Seed Dreaming, solo show, The Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, IA

2019    Ancient Tongues and Tales, The Fernie Brae, Portland. OR

2019    Mermaid Show, La Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA

2019    Keeping the Bees, The Brushwood Center, Ill

2019    Ames Water Treatment exhibit and awards, Ames, IA

2018     Found Things from Lost Lands, The Fernie Brae, Portland OR

2018     Hope, Future Gallery, Lake Orion, MI

2018     Resurgence, from Seed to Dark Bloom, Corvidae Collective Gallery, Nashville, TN

2017    Mermaids, an exploration, LA Bodega Gallery, San Diego, CA

2017    Fairy Tales, Milk Crate Creative Space, Hanover, MD

2017    Community of Artists Biennial Exhibit, The Octagon, Ames, IA

2017    Little Enchantments, double solo show, Urbandale Library Gallery, Des Moines, IA

2017    Well Read Women, Young Women’s Resource Center, Des Moines, IA

2016    In Dreams and Fairy Tales, East End Studio, Houston, TX

2016    Imaginative Little Library, Fairfield, IA

2016    The Dark One, Penumbra Gallery, Loures, Portugal

2015    AMS, Burlington Art Center, IA

2014    Swallowed by the Greenwood-solo show, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa, IA


2018    Tiny Dragons Art Book collection, Art Order LLC

2017    Well Read Women Zine, March

2016    Ink and Fairy Dust, Jul.

2016    The Fairfield Friend, May


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