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Pollinator Garden Signs

I’ve been growing my pollinator friendly gardens the last couple of years. It’s so rewarding to see the plants begin to fill out and come together. We’ve had so many butterflies and bees visit our front and back yard gardens last summer, including Monarchs, painted lady butterflies, bumblebees, green bees bumble and mason bees, and even a hummingbird moth. I can’t wait to see what this summer brings.

Pollinator Garden sign with wild flowers

I’ve been working on sharing the importance of planting native plants through my art and wanted to make something that was a bit more garden related. I’ve designed a couple signs specifically for pollinator gardens.

I wanted to avoid plastic in my signs so settled on using wood panels. I played around with testing out the signs and various weatherproofing during the early spring. I settled on using Vaeruthane spare-urethane for the protective coat because it stood up best to Iowa’s unpredictable spring. The signs stood up to rain, snow, and freezing rain. After this test, I’m finally able to share them.

I’m so excited to bring more awareness to gardening for pollinators in this way. Native plant gardens can take a couple years to fill out, and are often kept more on the natural side. Which I love. Signage can really help communicate intent and help spread the word about bee and butterfly gardens.

I’ve also created some additional designs which you can download as a free jpg. file. To help spread the love of pollinators!

Pollinator Garden art Sign

If you’re interested in learning more about gardening for wildlife check out my article Helping Bees, Flowers, Art and Community

My garden signs are available here

Here are the available designs.


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