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The Constellation Series

 acrylic and white ink


Artist Statement

When I began this series I wanted to show a glimpse of something wild and majestic in each animal. I did not want to paint connect-the-dot constellations, but rather share a sense of each animal’s story or journey.

We have long assigned our stories to the stars, or used them as guides. While they are beautiful, they do not shine for us. As each star is its own self, so too is each animal, existing beyond a relationship and use to humans. Each constellation painting has its story, though you may find your story echoed in its light.

The animals depicted can all be easily found in Iowa. They were chosen as representatives of the land, water, and sky. These constellations were created in partnership with the KHOI grant project and are intended to provide a visual to accompaniment to audio clips. The project is part of Iowa BeWild ReWild.


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