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Gallery Wall- Pollinators

June’s gallery wall is pollinator themed in celebration of pollinator week. A pollinator is any creature that helps pollinate flowers. Most commonly thought of are bees and butterflies, but many birds, insects, and even bats can be pollinators. I have a whole article about steps you can take to help pollinators here if you are interested in learning more. For this article I’ll focus on the art, and a few tips for designing a gallery wall.

For this collection, I focused on color to create a feeling of unity. The colors are on the lighter brighter side and feature light greens and yellows. This unity allowed me to mix different frames without it looking awkward. I used frames in bronze or warm tones. The two mini prints have white frames which helps them stand out since they are small. They still match subject wise and the copper line in their framing further ties them together.

I spaced each painting about 2 ½ inches apart to let each piece breath.

I wanted to arrange them so that each painting was complimented by the other and none were overshadowed. Each painting has its’ own story which it wishes to share.

May We Turn to Flowers $340

The largest painting in the collection is May We Turn to Flowers. It is 16”x20” on wood panel. It is part of my prairie series. I'm not sure what type of bee this is. I found the wee thing curled up the dash and decided to use it as a study.

~May we turn to flowers instead of dust. May our hearts nourish the roots and our cells turn to soil. May our hair cradle nestling sparrows and our tears of joy water the quickening seed.

Next is a framed print of a Rusty Patch Bumblebee and Virginia Bluebells. The rusty patch bumble is the first bee of North America to be declared endangered. This is a hand embellished print of the original painting. It was exhibited in the show Keeping the Bees at the Brushwood Art and Environmental Center.The print has been embellished with details and metallic gold paint. It is size 8”x10”

Below it are two framed mini prints each measuring 3.75”x 4.75” Each has been hand embellished as well. They feature native bumblebees and purple Indigo, and Sky Blue Aster, both prairie plants native to the Midwest.

Mini Framaed prints $15 each

Along the bottom are two mixed media paintings from the series Of Roots and Wildness. Both are 8”x10”. This series uses found objects and discarded trash found while hiking to create a layered painting. Media used include tissue paper, seeds, candles, cardboard, beads, and discarded trash. The various media were adhered to the canvas which was then painted into with acrylic paint. Then more objects were added, such as the candles, and beads around the chrysalis. The first, is Yellow Sulphur, and the Second is Monarch. Each is $120

Lastly is Away with the Bees. This is a mixed media painting on panel. It has a vintage bronze frame and a unique oval shape. It was created by collaging layers of old book pages to the oval panel and then painting into the piece with acrylic paint.

This month features newer work that I haven't added to the shop page yet. If you're interested send me a message or email


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