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Refresh Renew- Starting a Garden

I’ve always loved flowers, and, plants. I’m sure you know that by looking at my paintings. I have also always loved gardening, well at least in theory. You see, I’ve never actually had my own garden. Sure I putted around at my mother’s house transplanting wild flowers, and arranging annuals, and even grew a few vegetables in the small community garden at my previous apartment, but the large garden over-flowing with tomatoes, peppers, kale, Black-eyed-Susans, lavender, coneflowers, sunflowers, coral bells, ferns, and herbs, has always been a far off dream. Until now. I am so very blessed and fortunate to have my own home now, with my little studio space and a yard. And my yard longs to become a garden!

So my #refreshrenew for March just had to be something to do with gardening. (#refreshrenew is a self care practice I’ve committing to, where I try one brand new thing/ month for a whole year, as a way to refresh and renew my inspiration and sense of self).

So I attended a seed starting workshop hosted by Nine Square Feet of Des Moines. I’ve only attempted to grow from seed once before and lets just say it didn’t go well. But anticipating my upcoming mega-garden, I had splurged on over ten varieties of vegetable from Seed Savers as well as a bunch of native prairie flowers for my butterfly garden. I needed help, and this class not only empowered me with the knowledge and confidence to start many of my plants, it also supplied me with a ton of supplies to get started.

I’m talking seed starting pellets, Black Gold starting soil mix, treys for the plants, a mini herb kit with all the seeds, as well as more seeds to try. I planted over 50 seeds in the workshop and practiced transplanting older plants that they supplied.

I can happily report that all my plants are doing well! Yay, none have died and almost all have germinated. I’m thrilled. I may have a green thumb after all.

The part I’m most excited to share is my plan for a butterfly garden. I, going to fill it with native prairie plants like Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, and Black-Eyed-Susans. I hope to add a little personal fairy touches to create a place not only for the butterflies and bees, but a place to inspire all who pass by. I will also be able to use flowers for reference for my paintings and plan to dry some for collage.

This garden will help me grow as an artist and also as a person.

P.S. Nine Square Feet will be hosting a plant swap of Epic proportions. If you are local to the Des Moines area and interested in gardening, I suggest you attend.


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