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Embracing November, facing burnout and finding self care.

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

~Earl Nightingale

When I first started working professionally, as an artist, I wanted to name my studio something other than just Autumn Rozario Hall art, because I wanted it to be about more than me. I have a mission when I create, and that mission involves listening to the quiet ‘whispers’ of wonder that are all around. And then sharing this wonder.

After feeling a little burnt-out and discouraged from a year of balancing my prairie series, research, new art, and art for shows, with motherhood, and a move to my family’s first house, I decided to take a step back.

I redefined my focus and set goals for moving forward. I instituted a plan for self care. And I am so excited about the upcoming changes. Everything may not be obvious at first, but the wheels are in motion.

I’ll start by sharing my new mission statement. This is what I do.

I help people reconnect with nature and their sense of wonder by creating spaces that inspire and uplift.

This is where the self care comes in. You see, I can’t hope to inspire others if I’m not feeling very inspired myself. Creativity does not grow when you are feeling empty, and exhausted. So along with a personal self care plan I will be embarking on, what I call

a journey of opportunity. I will be committing to trying one completely brand new thing per month and then blogging about it. This will help me to order my thoughts, and hopefully encourage others to give something a try. Expect to be hearing more about self care from me, because I feel it directly ties into my mission to inspire and uplift.

As for other exciting news. I have art in La Bodega Gallery’s upcoming Mermaid Art Show. It opens Nov.11th. There will even be a troupe of live mermaids. Yes you heard correctly. The OB Mer Troup will be there. What the what? If you’re in the San Diego area don’t miss it. Here's a little WIP sneak peak.

As always, may all your days be enchanted.I look forward to sharing this new journey of self care and discovery with you all.



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