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Prairie Days- June Newsletter

"Wonder may be found in the smallest of things,

the most odd of places, or the most ordinary.”

Hello, to all my followers new and old. June has been a wonderfully busy month. Art Fairs. I invite you to visit me at the Snake Alley art fair. This year is the 50th anniversary and the art center has lots of extra fun things planned. There will be a new layout to keep most of the fair in the shade, because as you know, June in Iowa is HOT! I will have a new booth location on Columbia Street. Be sure and stop by for a day of wonderful art.

A Day in the Prairie

The whispering of tall grass, the murmur of bees. Sparkling bits of pollen, and too many shades of green to count. This is the Native Iowa Tall grass prairie that I love. I spent an evening observing the prairie and gathering sketches for my series that highlights native plants and seeks to draw attention to restoration efforts.

I love traveling… Which is why I'm so excited that three of my paintings will be traveling to Maryland for Milk Crate Creative's Fairy Tale themed art show. If only I was going with them.

  • Fairy Tales, a themes show at Milk Crate Creative Space, Maryland

Lastly, here are a few things I've come across and wished to share. May they enchant and inspire you.

As always, thank you, and may your day be filled with wonder. ~Autumn Rozario Hall


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