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Seedlings, an Experiment in Simplicity


I've been thinking about time a lot.

Because of the birth of my son I now find my self with much less of time to dedicate to painting. And when my paintings usually take up to two weeks to complete, that time crunch can create a bit of a problem. I find myself struggling to find time in the studio and dreaming of paintings that could be. Right now, creating deeply layered and detailed paintings, that need to dry between steps isn't possible. My hours of paint time are scattered here and there. Between baby naps and play time. Between cooking, and laundry. And while this time is busy, it is also fleeting. For I know my sweet little one wont be so little for very long.

So I decided to simplify my work and focus on paintings that dealt with the fleeting nature of summer and growth. In this series I'm simplifying my process, and returning to a medium I love. Ball point pen and acrylic watercolor. Line drawing and leaf prints.

My new series is titled Seedlings. It will feature nature faeries with leaf print wings. These will be my faeries, sketched as they come to me without reference. And delicately painted with washes of color. By keeping the paintings minimal I can better bring out the natural beauty of the leaf.

For now I only have scattered moments to paint. I want to paint what I love.


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