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I Am Not a Brand

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Small businesses are encouraged to brand like their lives depend on it. They are encouraged to produce products that fit into this brand and market accordingly. If you’ve followed any of the tips and marketing advice for small businesses you've come across this. Individuals are are also increasingly encouraged to think of themselves as brands.

But I am not a brand.

I am an artist. I will not ‘market’ my ‘products’ to an army of consumers. I choose not to. My art is never a product. Each painting is the representation of many fragments of thought and idea that I have sewn together. They are my dreams, notions, and emotions given form. I realize my art is not for everyone, but it isn’t seeking main-stream appeal.

I seek to share my paintings with those who dream, with those who see the wonder. And to invite others into my way of seeing so they can experience this wonder too.

I want to paint art that resonates with story. I want to inspire others through this story. I want to form connections, foster conversation, and build community.

Because, I believe that community is so much stronger than forming a ‘brand’. Of course, I understand the need for businesses to have a cohesive look, but as an artist, everything I create naturally falls under my love of nature, faerie, and folklore. Not because of a marketing scheme, but because these thing are part of who I am, and so is my art.

I am not a corporation. My art is not a product. I am not a brand. I am an individual, reaching out to other individuals. I am a creator, a dreamer, a doer, a story teller with paint on her hands and an idea blazing like starlight. I am an artist.


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