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How to Create a Fairy Door

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Ok, I’m going to show you how to make your own miniature fairy door. These miniature doors are great for placing in your fairy garden. But the enchantment doesn’t have to end there. You could make one for a fairy house, place your fairy door outside and take creative photos or decorate a vintage bottle with it. But, of course, you have to make the door first. So here we go.

You will need:

  • white or light peach sculpy, light brown sculpy, medium brown sculpy, and dark brown sculpy

  • moss green or grey sculpy

  • Newspaper to protect your work area,

  • a tiny rolling pin or other cylinder

  • a sharp knife

  • gold paint

  • black paint

  • a paint brush

  • clay stamps or something patterned to stamp with

  • accessories such as tiny gems or glitter

  • paper towel

1. Set out the white and brown sculpys for the wood. We will use about half of each block. Form each block of sculpy into a rectangle. You can buy sculpy at Hobby lobby, Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or most other craft stores for about $1-$2. See Pic 1

2. Begin by rolling out the white and brown sculpys into long thin rectangles. See pic

3. Stack the sculpys on top of each other from lightest to darkest. Roll them out until they are thin.

4. Cut the combined sculpy in half and stack it on top of itself. Roll until thin again. It doesn’t need to be as thin as before.

5. Roll the sculpy up into a log. Form the log into a rectangle by gently pressing the sides flat.

6. Cut off the ragged end of the log with a sharp knife. Discard the ragged edge. You can now see the scuppy log looks swirled like wood on the inside. Cut about a half inch off. This will become your door.

7. Gently roll the half inch of sculpy wood out. This will be your door. You can roll out multiple panels of wood and connect them if you wish to make a larger door.

8. Now you can shape the rolled out wood into the shape you wish your door to be. Remember the door will be a little larger than the wood part because we will be attaching it to the stone door frame. If you just want a wood door you can skip the next part.

8. Roll out the grey or green sculpy. I chose green because I want it to look mossy. Place you wood sculpy onto the green sculpy and then cut the green sculpy so just a bit of it is showing as a border on the top and sides of the door. Don’t leave green sculpy on the bottom, because doors don’t have frames on the bottom.

9. Roll out a bit more green sculpy, enough to wrap around the wooden door so that the base of the green sculpy is level with the wood of the door. Stamp the green sculpy with something bumpy. I used my celtic knot necklace. There are fancy stamps for clay that you can use also. Or if you have something with a pattern that you really like, use that. I stamped mine randomly because I want it to end up looking like stone.

10. Plan the accessories. You can stamp the door now if you want. I stamped the right side with half of the Celtic knot. I added little clasps on the left side. If you wish to add gems to your door, make an indent where they will end up going.

11. Now we fire the door. Place you door on a bit of tin foil in the oven. The tin foil is to protect your pan. Heat it at 250 for 10-15 minutes. Let it cool and we’ll be ready to paint it.

12. Now that the door has cooled, we can decorate it. Pour out a little black paint. Paint into the door frame and any where you want to darken, like the design you stamped into the door. Next wipe off the paint with a damp paper towel, leaving the paint only in the grooves. You can leave as much or as little paint as you want. You could also use a dark brown instead of black for this step if you wish.

13. Next brush gold or any metallic color that you wish onto the tops of the stone, and any where you want to shine.

14. Add your gems, and glue them on.

15. Have fun placing your fairy door any where you wish. Remember, you still have a log of more wood sculpy, so you can make as many fairy doors as you want.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project, and that my directions were clear. Now that you have the idea, you can try changing the colors of the wood and stone, experiment with colored paint, adding door knobs, buttons, or stamp with new objects like leaves. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.


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