Have you ever been faced with two choices, neither of them what you truly want? This is the story of a girl, who finds herself in an unknown wood. A girl who dares to look for the choice not offered.
Wings, Thimble, Thorn is a short story, evocative of Hans Christen Andersen, with a touch of Grimm. The darkly whimsical illustrations complete the story and reveal truths of their own, instead of merely mirroring the text.
The story follows Oona, as she journeys through the Scraggle Wood, looking for a way to fulfill her heart’s desire.
I can’t say much more, you’ll have to discover the story for yourself. Dare you enter the Scraggle Wood?
The Book
Wings, Thimble, Thorn is an illustrated short story. It's reading level is Young Adult or above.
This is a  32 page hardcover book sized 8.5"x8.5"
All the illustrations were created with acrylic paint on cold-press watercolor paper. The subtle colors are built up by layering watery washes of paint.
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Wings Thimble Thorn - Illustrated Folktale