Original Painting

The original painting River Secrets measures 11"x14". It was created with acrylic paint, tissue paper, and old book pages. This painting is on streached canvas. 


It has a wire along the back for easy hanging. The sides are painted so it is ready to hang. 


It will come titled and signed on the back. A copy of the story of the painting will be included.

River Secrets

  • River Secrets

    The river holds secrets. Beneath its rushing waters and churning currents a story is told. Once the river wasn’t so muddy. Once the river’s bottom wasn’t littered with tires, and bottles that glimmer like crystal. Once the river was winding. It carved its story through the heart of the land.

    Listen closely, and you will hear the river’s story. Murmured by muskrats, and herons, and bluegill. Secrets told by the wild children of the river. The song; the secret. Life rushes on.

Copyright Autumn Rozario Hall 2019

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