This an 11"x14" mixed media painting on hand stretched canvas. The frame adds about 2.5" to the size of the piece. It has a wire along the back and a sawtooth hanger for hanging.

The painting was created with real twigs, feathers, tissue paper, and acrylic paint.

One winter evening a barred owl flew to perch in the oak tree in my backyard. It was ghostly seen through the falling snow. As the snow piled up and evening darkened to night I began to feel unease. Quite the snow storm had blown in and my husband was still not home. As the hours ticked by, I sketched the owl, worry growing. It had never stayed so long before. 
Owls are said to be messengers, drifting between this world and that of spirits. As the owl regarded me from the oak, I began to be sure this was true. My owl was an omen.
At around 8:30, I started to cry. At around 8:45 there was a  knock on the door. I opened it, heart racing.
It was my  husband, finally making it home. When I returned to the window the owl had flown away into the snowy night.

Barred Owl; Omen